Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | November 2, 2007

For Women: Fall Makeup

It’s Fall!  I love this time of year.  The weather starts to cool down, I start to think about the Holidays (and Holiday gifts) and every fashion magazine out there is talking Fall fashion.  But what about Fall makeup?   Yes ladies, makeup as well as clothing adjusts for the season.    According to Therese Clark, founder of Apply Yourself Consulting, a personal beauty shopper and beauty brand developer, “You should adjust your look for Fall by starting with a pretty palette of neutral shades in soothing, skin-enhancing textures (to help combat harsher weather) and simply add seasonal color accents.  For example, one of the featured beauty trends on the runway this season includes striking shades of sea-green eye shadow.  This fantasy-inspired hue speaks to my inner-mermaid, but might say something else in a more professional setting.  How about taking the green down a notch by blending emerald shadow into your brown or black eyeliner to create a more muted look? If shadow isn’t your thing, choose a more neutral eye and opt for a sophisticated seasonal crimson lip.  Think Jennifer Connelly on the cover of November’s Vogue Magazine.”  Fall make-up is under-stated glamour at its best.  Don’t let green eye shadow overwhelm your beautiful features!

Shades to inspire:
Fuji shadow by Nars – muted green with shimmer highlights.  Ivy Ink Long Wear Gel Liner by Bobbi Brown.  Cosmetics – gorgeous shade of green liner that is virtually mistake-proof.  A green shadow substitute could be metallic shades of granite, gold or chocolate.

As with clothing, there are basic makeup considerations to bear in mind.  For example, use shades and textures that work for your skin tone, your proportions, the occasion and your personality.  With that in mind, here are some Fall makeup tips:

Work Makeup
The key to your work look is polish.  Unless your job is to be in front of a camera, the workplace is not the place where you should express your creativity with makeup.   Some work environments are more creative than others, for instance an advertising firm is more lax in its dress code than an investment bank but don’t let this fool you.  As a professional woman you work hard to create and maintain your credibility.  Since your face is what your boss and colleagues will be looking at for up to 9 hours (or for those of you workaholics, 16 hours) you should make sure that what they notice is not your makeup but your professional abilities.  Remember, your goal is to look polished which doesn’t mean, don’t wear makeup.  Work with a neutral palette of soft browns, golds, peaches and toasted pinks (not girly pink, we aren’t in grade school anymore,) to accentuate your features, while creating the appearance of even, healthy skin and then tie it all together with a smart outfit.  Again, go for the natural, but not so natural that your lips blend into your skin.  Don’t go for bright or dark.  The last thing you want your colleague to say is “Wow,…YOU-HAVE-LIPS.”  Not good.  Also, those of you who skip the manicure-I urge you to re-consider and invest in regular manicures.  People notice your nails…all the time, and it says a lot about how you take care of yourself.  Some of you won’t like this, but it is what it is.  People naturally tie how you look to how you do your job.  For those of you on a budget, teach yourself how to do your own manicure.  With practice they aren’t that hard to do and you can do them while you are watching Nip/Tuck or your other guilty pleasure (I’m referring to watching TV…).  Go with pale/natural colors that match your skin color, and these shades make chips less noticeable.  To make your manicure last, use 1 basecoat of clear, 1 coat of color and finish it off with clear polish.  If you take care of your manicure (use gloves when washing dishes, etc…) it can last as long as three weeks.

Weekend Makeup
Step AWAY from the gloppy, pink lip gloss.   I know…you’ve become addicted to it.  But the rest of the world and your boyfriend/husband will thank you for updating your lip gloss.  “Splurge on good gloss!!  Good examples include Hourglass Cosmetics (found on or in Beach, Truth and Search.  These gorgeous neutral shades deposit enough color without too much gloss.  The texture is luxurious, not too sticky and feels good as it glides on the lips.  “It is also water-resistant, which is perfect for coffee drinkers or wine tasters,” says Therese Clark.  Weekend makeup should be fun but natural radiance.  Try a tinted moisturizer and a multi-tasking bronzer that adds a sun-kissed tint on the cheeks and lids.  But don’t go overboard…the oompa-loopa look is not so hot.   Lastly, forgo shadow and just opt for your favorite mascara.  If you’re just not into wearing make-up on the weekends, this would be the time to refer to rule #1:  schedule a facial and have your eyebrows waxed to create the perfect canvas for when you do decide to put on the make-up.

For the Night
Here’s where you get to play, especially this time of year as we usher in the Holidays.  Think sex appeal (don’t take this to the extreme, sexy is mysterious, not look-at-me-hootchie-scream).  If you are adventurous, experiment with plum mascara for a change from black.  Step out of your comfort zone and try lining your upper lid and lower lid with something other than brown or black, dark blues and slate grays are great for blending!  Be Daring! Faux lashes can get you a kiss under the mistletoe… MAC revamped all of their lashes – from demure to dramatic, there is a lash-length for everyone.  Have a MAC girl show you how.  You can’t get a job at MAC unless you learn lash application.  Remember to choose a focal point, whether it be your eyes or lips, but don’t go for oomph on both as that can overwhelm your face and you’ll look like a Melanie Griffith backlash from “The Bonfire of the Vanities”.  Balance is key!! 

Tip Of The Week
This week we have more than one tip.  Why, because why not!?!  For those of you who are Westsiders, and seem to have trouble getting in to see the manicurist.  Invest in yourself and make it a habit to have your nails done.  Try Paris Nails at 26th and Santa Monica.  Call May at 310-829-2461.  This is not a walk-in nail parlor, appointments are needed and this is good.  Why?  Because she focuses on you and only you, for as long as your nails need it, not like the places that rush you out because there’s a bunch of stressed-out Brentwood Moms waiting for their manicures before picking up the kids from school.  And Moms, you don’t want to be rushed when this is perhaps the one hour of peace you’ll get in the week…  May will also give you a tough-love approach to taking care of your nails.  If you have problem nails, you must go see May (pronounced “My”).  Tell her I sent you and she’ll take good care of you.

The best way to get your makeup look in order is to have an honest and educated opinion.  By educated opinion I mean talk to someone who knows what is IN the makeup.  Meaning how it’s been produced and with what materials.  These experts are rare, they know how to apply makeup as well as educate you about what works for your skin, what will last and what’s worth the price or not.  If you don’t already have someone in your world like this, I recommend Therese Clark.  In addition to being a beauty brand developer, she is also one of the most talented makeup artists that I’ve ever met.   And I’ve met a few…  You can reach Therese Clark at


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