Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | November 17, 2007

For Men: Where Have All the Suits Gone

rueda_viviana_0011.jpgrueda_viviana_0011.jpgCall me old-fashioned but I’m still a woman who loves a man in a suit.  I actually have a relationship with the suit.  Yep, sounds odd, but then again I’m just a little odd myself.    The suit and what it represents to me was stamped into my subconscious as a child.  My first memories of someone in a suit were of my Father coming home from his office.   In my child’s mind, that suit, or “uniform” came to represent stability, reliability, and professionalism.   This was further enforced when we would have cocktail parties at our home and I would watch guests arriving, all the men in their sharp suits, with the beautiful women on their arms.  There was something so reassuring about watching the men in their dark suits drinking their scotch, and smoking cigars.  Then as a young woman it was always the “put-together” man in his suit that caught my eye.  The man who even at a young age could carry a suit and even if he was just a little bit uncomfortable in his beautiful suit, he dared you to call him out on it.  It said something – to me it said “I am here.  I am a man, and I’m not intimidated by being noticed.” 

Now, I look around and I ask myself “Where have all the suits gone?”  So I acknowledge that in the United States we live in a business era where “Business Casual” rules the roost and after the dotcom boom…Dare I be the first to say that those years were awfully scary in terms of fashion?  Board shorts and flip-flops in the office – Really?!   That era still has me in fashion therapy…EEEECK.  But enough is enough folks.  The suit has been ignored long enough!

I dedicate this Blog to celebrating the merits of the suit.  First, ever notice how much attention you get from women when you are in a suit?   That’s not a fluke, boys.  You look hot in suits!  A sharp suit speaks of a man who knows who he is and what he wants.  What more do women want than men who are confident?   It says that you take care of your appearance and that you know that you affect other people.  It says that you know that you matter to the world.  For many women (some of them won’t admit this) it represents stability and reliability, a trait that speaks more eloquently to women than diamonds (well, at least for many of us that is…there’s something to be said about diamonds, but that’s another Blog topic).

For men it’s the quintessential representation of corporate armor.  You are going out to wage hypothetical war.  I don’t want to go into the finer details of why you may view heading into the office as waging war…but I think this theme resonates with most men.  When I was in the corporate world I was always charmed and intrigued by the physical change in the room when a team of professionals (men), while preparing for a major sales pitch, would throw on their suit jackets.  All of a sudden it was all business and the bonding that would emerge without a word being said was truly astounding.  I liken it to a horse that I used to show.  His name was Patrick and he was a real professional showjumper.  This horse knew his business but when we were at our home barn he needed, shall we say, a little encouragement to get moving on most days.  Now, when we were at our home barn I rode him with a run-of-the mill bridle but on show day I’d break out his show bridle and that 15 year-old gelding would transform into a 4 year-old grand prix jumper that I could barely control in the show ring.  The minute he saw that show bridle he knew it was all business and it was the business of winning.  I have to tell you that it is no different in a corporate setting.  The suit means business.  For you corporate leaders, think about this next time you want to implement a more relaxed business-attire policy at your offices….Studies have shown that people are more professional and effective when dressed more formally rather than informally.  The suit as a “uniform” does its job exceptionally well. 

So that’s good news, right?  There’s more good news!  The range of suits available these days to everyone is remarkable.  From $50,000 suits to $400 suits there is one to fit every physique and taste.  You don’t have to be “boring guy” with suits these days.  You can dress with flair depending on what your personality can carry….Just don’t let me catch you having the suit “wear” you!  The important thing is that the suit fit your personality, your body and the occasion.  More tips on this in future Blogs.

So, in summary, next time you have an opportunity to wear a suit, please do! 

Tip of the Week
Now that I have you thinking about suits you are wondering, “Hmmm…I think I could update my suit collection.”  Et Voila!  I have a solution for you, 12 Threads Custom Clothiers.  This custom clothier works with only the highest quality fabrics, and boys, if you have never had a custom suit or shirt made for you, then you are in for a treat.  There is nothing like having a suit or shirt made JUST for you.    Call Benjamin Straub at (310) 213-4963 or email him at  Tell him that you are one of Viviana’s Fashionistas and he’ll offer you one of the following specials:  Order five shirts and get the sixth free, or order one Armani, Versace or Dolce & Gabbana fabric suit, plus three shirts for $1,595.  Standard price for this combination is $2,200.

Until Next Week,                                             rueda_viviana_001.jpgrueda_viviana_001.jpg

Viviana M. Rueda
Creative Founder
Vivendi Fashionista


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