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For All: Impeccability

This week we are running behind schedule and I’m blaming it on a slew of Holiday commitments, getting ready to go out of the country for the Holidays and coming down with a head cold.  Yes…I know, all excuses.  Forgive me and this leads me to this week’s topic – Impeccability – And apparently I failed in my impeccability this week! 

Recently I was at a meditation retreat where this subject was broached.  To set the context, we viewed a National Geographic documentary about Arlington National Cemetery, “Field of Honor”.  As is to be expected from National Geographic, it was beautifully filmed and highly informative.  What I don’t think many people expected…it was immensely touching.  One person commented (and I paraphrase here), “I didn’t think that Military rituals could be so touching or human.”  

As we discussed the documentary and the impact it had on us, we all agreed on one clear and concise impression, that being the concept of “impeccability”.  I looked up the www.dictionary.comdefinitions for impeccable and impeccability:
Impeccable –adjective
1.  Faultless; flawless; irreproachable:  impeccable manners
Impeccability – noun
2. the quality of being without an error or fault

The way that impeccability showed up in the subjects of this documentary, i.e. the service people who dedicate themselves to care of Arlington Cemetery, was amazing.  To witness the intense level of attention that goes into preparing servicemen for duty at the Tomb of the Unknowns made such an impact on me.  Truly, every single detail MUST be perfect and the people who apply to guard the tomb are required to pass 123 points of inspection.  Could you imagine this in your regular life?  The solemn dedication, sensitivity and honor displayed by the individuals who dedicate themselves to the care of this military cemetery leave you in awed silence.  I have only seen a similar level of attention to detail displayed at The Vatican. 

Not surprisingly, the National Geographic Society also has a wonderful documentary on the rituals and traditions of the Vatican – “Inside the Vatican”.  It is fascinating to learn about the context of how these rituals came to be.  All rituals, be they in an established religion or in a military context, are based on some sort of meaning and they carry on a message or historical tradition.  Truly fascinating and I invite you to view these documentaries: 

National Geographic: Arlington – Field of Honor
National Geographic – Inside the Vatican

The more we talked about rituals and impeccability it occurred to me that this specific trait has been prevalent in my life.  For example, the way that my Mother would get us ready to go to school every morning when I was a child.  My Mother would be dressed in crisp wool pants, a silk blouse and full makeup by 6:30 a.m. and a healthy breakfast would be waiting for us as we rushed out the door – Every single morning.  As a young child I didn’t know how to appreciate her attention to detail and as a fairly typical teenager, I was much more focused on me than what people did for me.  But then one day I did notice when my friends commented on it.  They were in awe of my Mother’s commitment to perfection and observed how lucky I was to have a Mom who was so on top of things – Every cocktail party, every birthday party, every Christmas party – Flawless.  All because of my Mother’s attention to detail and high standards for how she felt her family should live and how she felt that her home should be for us.  Once I realized how lucky I was to have that, I realized that her impeccability provided me with a wonderful and fulfilling home.  Then there were colleagues over the years, for whom even a tiny discrepancy in spacing or alignment was reason enough to throw out an entire presentation at 7 p.m. (when the sales pitch was scheduled for 8 a.m. the next day).  Or my marketing associate who could tell even the tiniest (and I mean tiniest) discrepancy between fonts and colors on marketing materials.  All leading to many hours of frustrated moments and a few meltdowns…but in the end…ending with impeccability. 

You are probably asking how this relates to Image and your Personal Brand?  Well, your Image and Personal Brand is not just what you wear.  It is who you are, how you live and your word.  Ask yourself, does your impeccability show up and do you know that it matters?

I grew up with a woman (my Mother) who has impeccable taste and refined manners, these traits have in turn given me the tools to navigate through my personal and professional career with flying colors.  Her impeccability matters.  I worked with colleagues who shared my penchant for precise marketing guidelines and standards so that the company’s brand was always consistent, always of the highest quality.  This impeccability mattered when it came to generating business which in turn made money for many individuals who then shared the wealth with their families.  Our impeccability mattered to many. 

So when you have an opportunity to implement impeccability in your life, know that it matters and that it is appreciated.

Tip of the Week
No tip this week because next week is a short week and I’ll be traveling.  So I’m actually posting the weekly Blog earlier than usual and the topic will be “For the Procrastinator…Ideas for Holiday Gifts”.   Essentially, next week’s Blog posting will be one long list of tips!


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