Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | December 27, 2007

For All: Happy New Year’s

Greetings from Bogotá, Colombia.  For this year’s final Blog posting I thought to write something about what to wear for New Year’s, blah, blah, blah.  Not.  Isn’t that what everyone else is writing about? 

I’d rather share something more fun. Something that might make you the life of the party (play with care folks).  Plus these tips will make you seem more worldly as I’m guessing that your other New Year’s revelers will not know these little tidbits. Just say that you picked up them while you vacationed at some Eco-Hotel in the Colombian Amazon or while you soaked up the sun while in Punta del Este.  You’ll sound so worldly, so chic, so well-traveled – Work it!

So – Here are some Colombian New Year’s traditions. Play and share with care.  Oh Stop!  This has nothing to do with any illegal substances – Not every media story about Colombia is true!

Actually, most of the traditions that you’ll find Colombians (and many other South Americans) partake in, were established by the Spanish colonists.  The following are some of the more amusing traditions:

12 Grapes:  This tradition has you eat 12 grapes for every stroke of the clock (remember when people had grandfather clocks?).  Ideally you should have six green grapes and six red grapes.  This is supposed to make your dreams for the New Year come true.

Champagne Ring:  Put your favorite ring into your champagne glass, make a wish and drink the glass…Uhm…please don’t choke on the ring or chip your teeth.  With care people…

The Run-Around-The-Block:  This is truly a hysterical tradition.  Essentially you take your suitcase and in it you put the things that you want for the New Year.  You want a date with Brad Pitt?  Throw in a photo of Brand sans Angelina.  Would you like to travel this year?  Throw in a brochure to your desired destination.  Want a new Ferrari?  Throw in a miniature replica of a Ferrari.  You get the drift.  Then you take your suitcase and you run around the block.  That’s right, you heard me correctly.  Run around the block.  The problem with this tradition in Colombia is that you don’t make it far because the neighbors keep asking you to come in for a quick New Year’s toast you end up soused by 2 a.m.  And in some parts of the world, the neighbors may think you are robbing the house or that you’ve lost your marbles.  Practice this tradition with extreme care. 

The Wedding Wish:  For every stroke of the clock you must stand up and sit down (i.e. 12 times).  This tradition is supposed to bring you marriage.  Personally I think it’s just a good attention grabber.  “Hey, why does that hot person keep standing up and sitting back down?”  Point is…you could end up meeting someone this way and well, you never know…

Economic Prosperity:  Ringing in the New Year with money in your shoes is supposed to bring you prosperity.  I highly recommend against coins, painful and just not very inspiring.  Go for a hundred dollar bill.  If anything, you may need to use it at the end of the night to pay your bar tab.

Happiness & Abundance:  Wearing yellow undergarments (preferably new) is supposed to bring you happiness and good luck.  Double bang for your money if you wear them inside-out at the onset of the evening and turn them out the correct way after midnight.  Hmmm…You could really make this an exciting tradition if  you use your imagination – Please don’t get arrested.  Here are some links for the ladies – Gold works just as well as yellow by the way…
Victoria’s Secret – Metallic
Victoria’s Secret – Sparkle Lace
Victoria’s Secret – Brazilian Cut Lace

Gentlemen – It’s just a tad more difficult to find yellow undergarments for you.  Not so surprising…My suggestion is try the large department stores.  You can cheat a little and just make sure that there is SOME yellow or gold in the pattern and I’m thinking the easiest undergarment to find with gold or yellow in the pattern, are boxers.  I do believe Sean John has some yellow satin boxers and I’m not saying that I recommend buying them…I’m just throwing it out there for consideration.

Forgot to mention that if you’d like new clothes for the new year you should also wear  your undergarments in reverse – Frankly, I’m thinking this is just a little uncomfortable but it’s your call on how badly you want a ton of new clothes…If this ends up coming true by the way, you owe me and we are going shopping together.

And with this advice I leave you.  I wish you all much joy, health, love and prosperity in 2008.  Ring in the New Year with much fanfare and make sure that you take advantage of your newly discovered South American traditions. 

Happy New Year,
Viviana M. Rueda
Creative Founder
Vivendi Fashionista


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