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For The Bride: Wedding Skincare Tips

A wedding can be one of the most exciting times in your life, and you’ll want to look your very best at all of the social engagements that surround this very special day.  So while many of the activities that entail wedding planning are far from simple, there are a few that can be.  For instance, your skin and beauty regimen can actually be one of the least stressful activities if you plan accordingly.  The following is a simple list of tips and tricks to help you ensure that your skin looks as flawless as you would like on your wedding day with minimal anxiety. This past weekend I participated in a bridal event with Encore Bridal (they offer FABULOUS couture gowns at a fraction of their retail price) and I meet with brides who are in the planning stages of their weddings.  We only had twenty minutes to meet with each bride, so given that there are many components to bridal image to discuss, I chose to focus on skincare because it is critical to have a perfect palette for a makeup artist on a bride’s special day.  The following is a Bridal Skincare Tips and Tricks recap:
If you are plagued with mild acne, consider beginning regular acne facials with a skilled esthetician on a regular basis. If the problem is a more severe, consult your dermatologist. There are many ways to manage adult acne and they typically take time, patience, topical skincare and diet regimens.  If you incorporate an acne line, make sure that it doesn’t over dry your skin and also consider changing your diet as acne is typically hormonal or a function of a diet that isn’t working well with your system and it manifests in breakouts.  Try to incorporate plenty of water, fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Timeline: 6 months to 1 year ahead
Beautiful skin is a blend of many components.  Many of them require some planning and all of them entail taking care of you. Start with drinking a minimum of 8 eight-ounce glasses of water per day.  Begin to steer clear of fatty or fried foods or processed foods.  You may want to stay away from caffeine as it dehydrates your system and take it easy on the alcoholic beverages as they suck the hydration out of your system.  Some holistic doctors also recommend that you decrease your intake of dairy products. If you have a Detox protocol, begin to follow it on regularly scheduled basis while making sure you follow the detox’s specific instructions.  For a fairly gentle Detox check out the Arbonne Spa SeaSource Detox.  Make sure that you schedule plenty of sleep as your body and skin need to recover and they can only do so while you sleep.  Timeline:  As early on as possible
Stay away from the tanning booth.  Not only are you making yourself more susceptible to the rays that damage your skin over the long-term (as in permanent aging) but you are dehydrating your skin which results in flaky skin rather than tight and luminous skin.  If you use self-tanner, make sure that you hydrate with a deep moisturizer often as self-tanner really dry out skin.  To achieve bronzed skin for the wedding consult your makeup artist.  Timeline:  Immediate
Like most good things in life you must be consistent with your skincare to achieve results.  With that in mind incorporate a regular skincare regimen that includes daily cleansing (day and night); products with Vitamin C and/or folic acid (to smooth out any blemishes); exfoliate regularly; utilize replenishing night creams and eye creams that will take care of the delicate skin around your eyes; and always, always use sunscreen to minimize sun damage (which can happen within 10 seconds of sun exposure).  And don’t forget that you should be paying attention to your entire body, not just your face.  Invest products for your body as well and pay special attention to your shoulders, neck and arms as these will most probably be prominently featured on your wedding day.  Timeline:  As early on as possible
A peel once every couple of weeks can help keep your skin suitably exfoliated so that your face is a perfect palate for makeup.   Don’t forget the neck, chest and back areas if your dress is low-cut. Peels can do wonders for spotty, rough skin!  I highly recommend the RE9 Enzyme Peel.  Personally I’ve very sensitive skin and this is the only peel product that I can use which is highly effective yet gentle enough for use 2 to 3 times per week.  I’m obsessed with this product – It is phenomenal.  Timeline: 2 months ahead up to day beforePLAN YOUR
Pick out your shadows and foundations early, and practice with them.  If you are going to use a makeup artist interview a couple of them to make sure that are on the same page in terms of the image that you want to present on your wedding day and make sure that they’ve sufficient “photography’ makeup experience.  Also, schedule a practice run-through prior to the wedding.  For fun also consider a makeup presentation or party with your bridesmaids ahead of time to get them thinking about their makeup and skincare as well as they’ll also want to shine as part of your entourage.  Timeline: 2 months ahead

Cleaning your skin on a regular basis is a must and preparing it with hydrating nutrients will also assist in creating a perfect palette for your makeup.  If you incorporate facials, make sure that you have true and tried products to ensure that you don’t have any allergic reactions before your wedding.  Absolutely no testing out new products or facialists for a month before the wedding!!  In fact a facial (only with a known facialist and known products) should only be done a couple of weeks ahead of time and for two weeks before I recommend staying true to your cleansing, exfoliating, and moisturizing routine.  This may include at home hydrating masques that you already know work for you as well as facial peels that you’ve already experimented with well in advance.  This is not the time to test out new products!  Timeline:  6 months-2 weeks ahead

If you wax, plan on doing so 5 to 7 days before the wedding.  You don’t want to have any blemishes as a result of waxing.  Also, try sugar waxing rather than typical wax.  It tends to yield less blemishes.  Also, after waxing, always put on an anti-inflammatory product and ALWAYS apply sunscreen before you go into the sun.  Waxing peels a thin layer off your skin and creates an opportunity for immediate sun damage (can you say blemish?) and try to wear a hat or just stay out of the sun that day if you can.  Timeline:  Immediate-1 week ahead

If Murphy’s Law is alive and well, then you will probably have a skin “hiccup” along the way.  if so, make sure that you have  “Skincare 911 Kit” with some of the following essential products:

  1. Arbonne RE9 ® Eye Cream to get rid of last minute puffiness and smooth out fine lines.
  2. Arbonne RE9 ®Enzyme Peel; Intelligence Thermal Fusion Masque; or Prolief Balancing Cream for that last minute pimple.
  3. Arbonne SeaSource Detox Spa Gelee to cool irritated skin.
  4. Arbonne Personalizer to even out facial, or neckline skin tone; to remove redness; to blot oil/shine; and to set your makeup.  Ask your makeup artist to use this for your wedding day to make your makeup last.  It is particularly helpful for creating the right image for photography.
  5. Bronzer to even out any last minute tan lines or to add a glow w/o damaging sun or drying self-tanner.  I’m a big fan of the Arbonne Bronzer as well as Estee Lauder’s Bronzer.
  6. Aspirin, Tylenol or Ibuprofen (Ibuprofen has an anti-inflammatory).  Useful for headaches or any last minute inflammation of the skin.  Another tip is to take Ibuprofen 30 minutes before waxing.  Helps reduce the pain and the inflammation caused by waxing.
  7. PFB Vanish or Tend Skin for ingrown hair

Let’s not forget about the groom’s skin!  You may ask him if he’d like to incorporate a regular skincare routine as well.  Shaving creates havoc on a man’s face, it’s highly dehydrating and sends their skin reeling from shock so I recommend that they incorporate an exfoliating wash (day and night) to keep infection at bay; shaving cream for sensitive skin (to avoid razor burn and to moisturize); and moisturizer with sunscreen.  You may want to suggest limited sun exposure as well.  It won’t do to have you looking spectacular and then your groom has a lobster face because he feel asleep at the pool the day before without sunscreen.  Ooops…   Suggested anti-aging products for men Arbonne NutriMenC .  Timeline:  Immediate up to day of

Most importantly, remember to enjoy yourself and cut yourself some slack.  Engage your sense of humor and remind yourself that this day is for you and your to-be-spouse.  No matter what happens, have fun with it.  You are special and your beauty will radiate from within.

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Creative Founder
Vivendi Fashionista
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