Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | July 2, 2008

For All: Be Fashionable – Go Green

Hola my savvy fashionistas –

Today, I won’t expound…on much that is.  Today, I’m just here to say – GO GREEN.

Be chic, be trendy (only affordably though, don’t go spending $700 on trendy Gucci puhleeze, unless your name is Carrie Bradshaw and Big is footing the bill, or you are Ivana ex-Trump’s new eye candy) and stop using those nasty plastic bags that are plaguing the earth.

Check out this site and get your trendy bags for FREE!  Si people!  FREE.  Well, you pay for shipping that is.  It’s like $4.99.

Go to Original Green Bags and get youself some pretty, free, and guilt-free bags.

Thought for the day…what are you doing with your plastic bottles?  At the risk of you thinking that the Rueda Fashionista has turned into a tree-hugging, granola crunching type…Firstly, trees give me a rash and granola gives me love handles and don’t even go there with the Birkenstocks, I don’t care that they come in all sorts of styles and colors, they are still a fashion no-no!  I do invite you however to consider what you are doing with your drinking water and all those nasty, not-so-chic plastic water bottles.  Aluminum bottles….just a thought.

Happy Viviana Environment Day – Please save the rainforest so that I can honeymoon there.



  1. I just received the bags from, and I carried them out the weekend just passed. At the mal, people are asking me whre I get the bags, and first time in my life I feel myself is helping the earth to be cleaner and better.

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