Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | July 11, 2008

For Women: Purse hook, bad luck, superstitions?

I really don’t remember when I got hooked on the superstition of “never leave your purse on the floor”.  It was definitely well before I was old enough to carry a handbag because as the youngest of an extended family of Fashionistas it was my duty to guard the goods (aka purses) when we were shopping.  But what I do know is that I’m obsessive about it.  I’m equally obsessive about not walking under ladders and breaking mirrors.  I’d like to blame it my Colombian heritage.  Our culture is steeped in superstition which for instance, you can find in the magical realism exhibited by Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s writing.  But what I’ve come to realize is that this superstition is deeply rooted in many other cultures.  I remember upon first meeting one of my best friends who has Jamaican roots, both of us lunged for our purses when a waiter went to move them from a chair to the floor.  We looked at each other and laughed when we both said “purse on the floor is bad luck”.

To me the superstition seems perfectly logical.  A. a woman’s purse is like a secret look into someone’s lifestyle.  Just as you can tell a lot about a man by a simple glance at his shoes, you can learn a million things about a woman by looking at or in her purse (ps. purse etiquette, don’t go through other people’s purses-it’s no bueno and impolite); and B. since superstitions are typically based on some logical event I’m guessing it has to do with placing the proper amount of respect on the items that a purse carries.  Women not only carry their money in their purses but also a cornucopia of items that tell the story of their lives.  From business documents, to pictures of our families, to our beloved blackberries (oh…am I the only one with the love affair with my blackberry?) down to the makeup that adds just the right amount of polish to make you feel like a Goddess.  Now why on earth would you place such an important item on a nasty, dirty floor?

And if it weren’t obvious already, leaving your purse on floor is just begging for an entrepreneurial thief to walk away with a bunch of relevant data about your life.  I was once having cocktails at a swanky bar near the beach when three women at the table next to mine realized that all three of their purses had been swiped by a thief.  Ooops. 

The third reason why you should never leave your purse on the floor, if neither the superstition nor the proclivity to theft has you convinced…Listen Sistah, if you are investing in handbags, treat them with respect and put your hard-earned, well-spent dollars on a chair, your lap or a purse hook.  You will ruin your purse by putting it on dirty floors where people will kick it and spill stuff on it– ICK!!

Speaking of purse hooks – below are three links where you can buy these snazzy little inventions.  They hook onto the edge of a table so that you can hang your purse off the hook.  Buy yourself one or two por favor and give your purse the respect it deserves!!!

Sample Purse Hook

Sample Purse Hook

The Purse Hook, Purse Jewelry, Hollywood Purse Hook

Happy Day!
Viviana M. Rueda
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  1. I love the purse hooks BUT not all the hooks fit well. Certain Bar table have the straight level table that fits well but if the bar table have the curve then it will not fit. I belive they are call casino bar table hooks. Maybe making some nice hook to fit the curve table.

  2. Why do women spend so much time and energy on this superstition? Today at lunch I had 3 women come up to my table and tell me that it’s bad luck to have my purse on the ground. They almost demanded that I move it because it made them uncomfortable! I was immediately annoyed that they were being so nosy! I agree with not wanting germs from the ground on your purse, but I’ve never had “bad luck” from it. I dunno…

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