Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | July 16, 2008

For All: Shorts & How to Wear Them

Hola People’s – It’s summer and that means it’s time to bare your legs.  Knobby kneed, skinny, long, short, tanned, white as can be…all legs deserve a day in shorts.  So here’s my scoop on what to wear and what to not wear.

Ladies:  It’s all about your shape, i.e. the silhoutte that you create.  Pretty much remember that and you’ll find it easier to dress. 

Petite – If you are itsey-bitsey, then you should wear shorts that are mid-thigh length.  Be careful to not wear long shorts that will overwhelm your build.  If you are really thin you can get away with “longish” shorts but always make sure they hit above the knee.  If you’ve curves, use them and go for the mid-thigh length and think of using belts and ties to emphasize your little waist.

Pear-Shaped – aka you’ve smaller shoulders in ratio to your hips.  Steer toward solid shorts in straight cuts and you can wear them at the knee or just above the knee (depending on your height).  Go for solids and then pair with flashier tops.  The idea is to draw the eye up toward your upper body.

Plus Sizes – Look for fuss-free shorts with minimal details.  Opt for knee-length and pleat-free bermudas.  The more clean cut the better.

Everyone – Unless you’ve the height of Heidi Klum, Gisele’s legs, and you are eighteen….stay clear of the trendy, trendy styles.  If you are all of the above…Woot-Woot!  Then apparently I’ve arrived because you’re an uber successful runway model and you’re reading my Blog!  Fabulous darling.  Seriously, avoid baggy pockets and for most of you, avoid pockets period, where possible, cuffed shorts should not be tight on your thighs, hem any shorts that have unflattering hemlines and make sure that a. your behind isn’t hanging out when you sit and b. if it is…cover it up por favor.

Gentlemen – Generally speaking you don’t have quite as many options on the styles of shorts.  BUT this season there seems to be a multitude of colors for you to partake of.  If you aren’t scared of color and the occasion serves, feel free to indulge in some of this Summer’s vibrant colors.

If you aren’t overly tall, I’d recommend that you steer clear of shorts with patterns (those Hawaiian-print shorts that you like to wear for volleyball…yep, you know the ones.  They probably aren’t doing your legs justice).  Opt for single-tone shorts.  Also stay clear of any fussy details and embroidery.  Alas you’ll probably want to stay clear of the brilliantly designed cargo short (aaah…the military and their fabulously utilitarian designs).  UNLESS of course you manage to find a pair that don’t make you look like a safari guide ambushed you. 

If you are tall – God bless because your girlfriend is digging the fact that she can store all of her junk in the pockets of your cargo shorts (I’m not the only one that does this right?).  You’ll need to make sure that your shorts aren’t too long because you’ll risk looking like a daddy long-legs. 

For all guys, try to keep your shorts clean cut. 

As for pairing your shorts.  For the right occasion you can count on a nicely tailored pair of shorts to work as a casual chic look by dressing them up with a beautiful long-sleeve shirt, or a summer sweater and a nice sandal.  Pair it with a fashionable braided belt and you are good to go.

If you want to wear your trendy surf t-shirt opt to pair it with casual shorts like cargos and your flip-flops.

Now go forth and wear your shorts!

Happy Hot Summer Weather
Viviana M. Rueda
Creative Founder
Vivendi Fashionista



  1. There’s just no way on Earth that a British man can carry off a pair of shorts… it just doesn’t go with the bowler hat.

  2. Bad idea! Shorts are for kids, teens, and badly dressed suburbanites. There are very few instances where a [fashionable] man should be wearing shorts. If you’re not in the gym, running, at the beach, then don’t wear them.. And what shoes do you wear with the shorts? Sneakers and/or flip flops? That only make an already bad fashion move worse.

    Substitute those shorts for linen pants. Leave the sneakers for working out and try some slip on loafers with no socks. Both Gucci and Prada make some good one’s. Sometimes I prefer a pair of brown Prada lace up sneakers when I want to be a bit more casual. I pair that with a either an untucked linen shirt or slim fit T-shirt. (Hugo Boss has a good line of these in various colors.)

    Now order a glass of something white and light up a cuban at your favorite outdoor venue. Now you look good AND are comfortable. (And trust me, you get far more compliments in a matter of hours that someone in shorts will get all summer.)

  3. @Adam
    For shame! I personally think Beckham and Sid Vicious did shorts a really good turn. And Sid looked pretty good in a bowler too!

    Come on now. We are not talking about work out attire but the variety of linen shorts that any man with a modicum of style and finesse can carry very well and has done so fashionably for many years. It is rare that a man cannot carry shorts unless you has some very unsightly legs or of course, it’s not an appropriate occasion to wear shorts! Are you saying shorts aren’t comfortable? Because anyone who has had to put up with recent 90+ degree weather in SoCal, will beg to differ!

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