Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | August 1, 2008

For Women: Fall Fashion Wow 2008

Tick-tock-tick-tock.  That’s my biological clock – and not the one associated to babies but the one that is viscerally tied to the Fall Fashion Season. 

Oh…you may think that it’s not possible and the biological clock is only for those who want to have little babies to cuddle.  I say “NO” (think a strong “no” with a Spanish accent).  The only thing(s) I want to cuddle with is a yummilicious peacock blue, taffeta trench , a pair of pointy-toed Rupert Sandersons (yes, the pointy toe is back.  It never left my closet in fact, as well it shouldn’t have in yours, except for maybe the punk, pointy toed boots with skull embellishments.   I’d keep them but then again I’m wont to wear a funky outfit here and there a la SJP), and a stunning black silk dress (Tomas Maier is a God).

And why is my fall biological clock ticking?  Well, duh, it’s been Fall in the Fashion world for like EVER.  I’m telling you that the fashion industry is truly schizophrenic.  Always in a Season that hasn’t actually arrived.  In any case, I’m over the top excited because it’s my favorite time of year.  Designers go all out on Fall designs and as a savvy Fashionista , this is the time of year that a. you should perk up for and b. save your hard-earned bucks for. Why?  Because your biggest return on investment on clothing is the Fall Season. 

So here are my tidbits to look for during the fall season.  The aforementioned pointy toe shoes.  Why did you get rid of those fab shoes from a few seasons back?  I don’t know!  Hire me before you do that again dahlink.  Dark, deep, luxurious color!  Think deep greens, purples and blues.  Pretty much colors that anyone can get away with and colors that you can use for an eternity.  Yep they are trendy now but mostly they’ll last you for a lifetime (remember, you’re a savvy Fashionista not a trustafarian, look for return on investment, and if you are a trustafarian, call me and we’ll do drinks to mull over the dilemma of your shopping reality).  You know I don’t recommend trends unless I think they tie into functional and reality-based thinking.  This is one of those trends.  Last but not least – go for the statement jewelry ladies.  Not necessarily for your day look unless your run your own business and it’s in a creative industry, you still have to be work appropriate but get creative.  If there’s one way to look super-chic and polished, it’s statement jewelry.  You can also go terribly wrong with statement jewelry so play with care and ask your favorite Fashionista muse “Is this too Samantha?”  You know what I mean ladies.  And if not, hie yourself to the Sex and the City movie immediately.

Tip of the week:
It’s Fall Fashion Trunk Show week at Vivendi Fashionista!  Actually it’s not here yet, starts August 5th and it actually lasts two weeks (until August 20th), but it’s my marketing spiel and I liked the way it sounded!  So there!  Make your private appointment now to see couture-quality women’s fashion and stunning handbags (because you too need a purse that has a name.  HELLO, have you meet Elizabeth?  My bag, Elizabeth?).  Come by your lonesome and hog my Fashionista advice/styling or bring your girlfriends.  I also work with groups.  But make an appointment as this is no “just-walk-on-in” show.  It’s exclusive you know.  Email for your appointment.

Ciao Chicas!
Viviana M. Rueda
Creative Founder
Vivendi Fashionista


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