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More Women’s Fall Fashion 2008

I’ve been travelling for the last few weeks so I forewarn you that my blogs will be “travel-inspired” to some degree in the next few posts.   I realize that I already wrote one Blog on Fall fashion trends, but after people watching for almost three weeks in Denmark, I was inspired by that culture’s translation of the trends.

1.Deep jewel-toned colors:  I didn’t see much color on the streets of Copenhagen, but deep hues and tones were all over the fashion magazines and the stores.  Everywhere I found deep purple, scarlet, orange, fuchsia, emerald greens.  But I kept wondering who was going to buy these colors when everyone was wearing brown, beige and black.  Handbags were particularly “earthy” in tone.  After a few days of noticing this I then realized that while the coats and sweaters of Danish Fashionistas were of primary colors, please hold, because then they’d take off the outer layer, et voila!  There was the color.  Now the cool thing about this trend for Southern California is that it’s really easy to pull off here – We are used to a lot of color in our clothing, our shoes and our handbags.  So indulge baby, indulge.
2.Coats:  It’s getting somewhat chilly in Copenhagen so I saw a lot of light coats, trenches and long sweaters.  For SoCal invest in a cool trench coat (just pray that the heat wave doesn’t last through December – Seriously, get cold already, I’ve clothing to indulge in.  Something’s gotta make me happy given the current state of my IRA).   I saw a multitude of original and put-together trenches and coats in Denmark.   Given the climate’s penchant for dreary/wet this is natural (although while I was there it didn’t rain one day!  Wish it had – I would have justified buying a pair of awesome rain boots.  I seem to be the bearer of sunny and hot weather-UGH).  Trench coats are perfect for L.A. because it just doesn’t get that cold here.  At night or whenever the temperature does drop here, pair the trench with some snazzy tights (check out H&M for tights) and fun shoes to make a statement.  When looking for trenches make sure that the silhouette compliments your body type.  For instance if you are petite don’t buy a trench that overwhelms you.  I found an awesome trench in Copenhagen by the Danish designer Philosophy Blues Original.  Traditional cut with a flair at the bottom that makes it far from average.

Philosophy Blues Original Trench Coat

Philosophy Blues Original Trench Coat

3.Statement Belts:  Hmm…seems like everything is about making a statement this season (hello power dressing), and belts are no exception.  Think of belts with original touches like animal print, patent leather, unique and ornate details.  Ivan Grundahl (another fabulous Danish designer that makes avant-garde urban chic wearable for every day) makes the most fabulous belts, (think late 1980’s style).  Grundahl’s wide belts with double layering and buckles everywhere make me want throw on a Vivienne Westwood corset, a de-constructed skirt and some Doc Martins (there are a few high school photos of me in this type of outfit, for the right amount of bribery, I may just post one).  Funny enough, the October issue of British ELLE had a popular English Fashionista talking about getting her new gold Dr. Martins for Fall.   

Statement Belts - Embellishments and Unique

Statement Belts - Think unique and embellished

4.Shoes:  Soaring high heels (or silly-heights heels as I call them) and flats are everywhere.  For the budget shopper check out Aldo for unique and economy-friendly heels.  Want to invest in a pair of shoes that are exquisitely designed, check out Il Primo Passo in Santa Monica.  I just bought my wedding shoes there – HELLO Pretty!  For flats I just saw great ones at French Connection (which you should check out for affordable off-the-runway looks-great stuff) and Zara.  Pricier but with infinitely more choices in colors and prints, check out the ballet flats at London Sole.

Hello Gorgeous - Soaring Heels

Hello Gorgeous - Soaring Heels

5.Power Dressing:  In summary, take all of the above, channel your Alexis Carrington or Amanda Woodward and break out items 1 through 4.   There is evidence of some people bringing back the shoulder pads.  I beg thee, please do not go that far because I’ll sneak into your closet and cut them out.

Everyone is pretty freaked out in the current economic climate, SO, check out what you already have in your wardrobe that could be “tweaked” or altered for Fall.  See if you’ve flats from past seasons stuffed away.  Find your old trench coat and update it by adding a new belt and make sure that it fits you!  If not, go be friendly with your tailor.  If your budget is simply not there for new Fall boots  make sure that the ones that you have are in good condition.  Replace the soles and heels, condition and water proof them and voila!  They’ll seem like brand new.  Sometimes you can take really inexpensive boots from a discount store (say like Payless) and simply by replacing the soles and heels with quality workmanship you can upgrade the appearance of the boot.  And someone for goodness sake pay the weather Gods to bring an end to this heat wave!

Until next week Fashionistas,
Viviana M. Rueda
Vivendi Fashionista

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