Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | November 19, 2008

Strange Days

Slouchy boots, peek-toe gladiator boots, bold jewel-toned colors in the Fall/Winter collections, navy blue nail colors and electronic beats with a tangy after-taste.  Envision a time when nightclubs actually enforced a dress code.  When no man would be caught dead going out at night wearing a suit and tennis shoes – Which by the by, this look is only generally carried off by billionaire types such as Howard Hughes or “I could get a ticket by thinking you’re hot” boys such as Justin Timberlake.  When women’s hair was big and the suits (men and women’s) screamed power and women’s makeup…looked like makeup (who wants natural anyhow?).  A time when “goth” didn’t’ exist but the words “new wave” conjured an image of chic, edgy and underground.  The kind of cool you wanted to play with but were sort of scared to.

If you are tracking with me, then you too may be feeling like you’ve been transported back to the 1980’s (hello Buck Rogers, bidi-bidi-bidi).  From fashion to music it’s a flashback of the glorious 1980’s.  And they were glorious. Bring on the power suit, the big, chunky jewelry (also back in fashion).  And either my imagination is getting the best of me, but even the boys in hip-hop are getting into the ‘80s groove.  Just listen to the beat of Love Lockdown, drop in a dance beat and you’re back in a neon-lit nightclub breaking it down next to a leggy siren in a mini-skirt, tight leggings and hair all spiked up courtesy of AquaNet.  And on the subject of the leggings trend – Ladies, I’ve three words for you “danger Will Robinson”.  Unless you are uber hot or uber Fashionista cool don’t go there.  Additionally, there is an age-expiration date to this trend.  If you happen to be one of those who sashayed across a tabletop dancing to “I don’t want your love”, you may apply for the age-expiration category at this time.   So…unless you plan on making an impact with your image as an “eccentric”, don’t even step into your living room in leggings.  These puppies should have the words “handle with care” stamped all over them.  Especially the liquid leggings. Latex-like Batman leggings- So shiny that your friends can find you at the club to hand deliver you your sugar-free Red Bull and vodka.  Party-on.

What’s my point?  If you lived in the glorious days when techno was born, when most women spent a few hours tweaking their hair to get just the right height to complement their ripped fishnets and Max Headroom-esque shoulder pads and when having deep purple hair color meant you were going through your “teen years”, then you’ll get a giggle out of this.  And you’ll gain a new appreciation for the distinctly 1980’s-inspired trends roaming the fashion magazines, streets and airwaves.  And if none of this resonates, mix yourself a sex-on-the-beach cocktail and rent Miami Vice (the real one, not the Collin Farrell one).

I’m off to find my overly-long strands of baroque pearls – Yet another trend from the 80’s, stolen out of another era, courtesy of the killer chic Ms. Coco Chanel.

Viviana M. Rueda
Fashion Fury

Ps. Seeing lots of hot colors for future trends. Think patent-leather heels in peach and strawberry pink. Sheesh, maybe I can find my Body Glove neon green bikini too.


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