Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | December 18, 2008

Winter Weather Dressing

I’m inspired! A storm rolled into L.A. Wednesday morning and it was dark, rainy and oh so romantically stormy. Not many people are as inspired by stormy weather as I am, but then again I’ve only lived in one place where storms aren’t considered “normal” and that would L.A. – Land of eternal sunshine and perpetually 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Blah I say! A little rain, cold and wind does a soul good. Not only do I have a special affection for storms but inclement weather and the four seasons means that you can have a diverse wardrobe – Because as everyone knows, it’s all about the wardrobe, hellO!

On that note, break out the cashmere sweaters, tights, wool hats, scarves, wraps, long coats and trench coats my friends! Winter is here (for all of one day, it snowed in Malibu and now it’s back to sunny L.A. again and I’m the only person in L.A. who is glum about it).

If you don’t already have a treasure trove of these items stored away for when you go on your “ski vacations” hop into your favorite stores because they are sure to have all of these items in abundance. And, you’ll find deals galore courtesy of the Holiday Season plus the slowing economy. By the way a little birdie told me that the Gap tights are phenom and I for one have always been a fan of Victoria’s Secret’s tights. They make your legs look glam and they last forever! I’ve always found great wool caps and beanies at The Gap and always on sale – You’d be amazed at what you can find on sale at The Gap and at Banana Republic too if you are willing to wait for the sales. You may as well skip the front of the store and head straight to the back where they keep the sale items because for the most part, everything will get marked down eventually, you just have to be patient that’s all.

I leave you now to be inspired by this fabulous winter weather. Stay warm, be chic and rock your winter Fashionista.


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