Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | July 30, 2009

Designer Labels – Do You Wear Them or Do They Wear You?

Since I can remember, it’s been a ritual before going to sleep to ask myself the question, “What am I going to wear?” And if I didn’t plan it out the night before then it was the same question in the morning, which brings me to not only what we wear but “who” we wear.  By “who” I mean the designer of course.   For instance, let’s take the red carpet.  Envision a plush red carpet ignited with paparazzi flashes and celebrities sauntering down with an air of exalted confidence only to be asked the brilliant and buzzing question, “Who are you wearing?”  We are now not only wearing animals, but people. Well, the names of people but people nonetheless or more accurately, their brand.  It’s all about who you wear these days, so much so that the basic rules of dressing seem to have been left behind.

Do we care more about what we are wearing or who we are wearing? If you subscribe to the latter, and you’re a “Labelista”, think outside the box when dressing and accessorizing.   The “leave some things to the imagination” motto of our mothers’ day holds true.  When it comes to designer clothing and accessories you don’t need to be so obvious and flashy.  Unless you are getting paid to wear these labels, there is no use in being a walking advertisement.  So how do you keep your designer labels and leave things to the imagination? If you’re shelling out cash for some designer shoes, skip Gucci’s monogram pumps and peep the red sole of some Christian Louboutins. These baby’s are gorgeous, classic pumps and unmistakably designer.  The red sole says it all without saying anything.

CHRISTIAN-LOUBOUTIN-HYPER-PRIVE-PUMPS-BLACK-PATENT-LEATHER-RED-SOLEAnother option, mix high- and low-end designers-This fall, ditch the Burberry trench for an H&M coat. Pair it with Louboutin pumps complete with a-not-so-obvious designer bag like the Marc Jacobs “Stam” and Voila! You stay loyal to your designers without yelling “LABELS!”

H&M-Trench-coat-khakiMost of us don’t walk the red carpet and Melissa Rivers isn’t asking us who you’re wearing. Like mama said “Leave things to the imagination”.



  1. LOVE this blog. Not being a “labelista” myself…but rather mixing high and low is what I love to do….just like those $15 sandels that I bought downtown in the fashion district and they look like $300.

    Made me laugh when you said:” We are now not only wearing animals, but people.”

    love your style ….I am a vivendista!

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