Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | August 25, 2009

Summer Dressing

Okay, so it’s almost Fall, the days are getting shorter and I’ve noticed an unusual amount of women wearing leggings and boots – Which I have so say “You’re kidding right?  It’s like 90 degrees still!”  Which brings me to my point-It may be almost Fall and you’ll have received VOGUE’s September Issue heralding the advent of Fall, but sistahs it’s seriously still summer hot!

So let me dive into a summer wardrobe discussion.  Every woman’s summer wardrobe should consist of tanks, shells, tees, shorts (these really depend on your lifestyle and age, as not everyone can really wear shorts and not get a fashion disaster ticket), skirts, rompers (again, caution on the age and occasion appropriate), and various styles of dresses including maxi dresses.  And I’m indulging in a Summer wardrobe discussion for two other reasons, I’m heading off to the uber hot heat of the beach for my honeymoon so I want to think about what to pack and with Summer coming to an end, this is the time to shop at serious discounts….Get ye shopping!

When selecting summer outfits, choose breathable and light materials.  For instance, fabrics such as cotton, jersey or silk organza give you the impression of barely being there, which in this heat, is a sensation I long for. 

Summer also calls for a declaration of color.  Trendy colors come and go every season, so when investing in summer basics spend more money on true and tried basic colors and stick to less pricey options in the trendy colors.  As with any wardrobe investment, choose items that are age, occasion and lifestyle appropriate.  Consider light and soft hues-White is a prominent color during summer seasons; it’s a particularly chic and regal color (I’m all for looking like a Princess). 

Chic White Pants

Chic White Pants

Maxi dresses, rompers, and one-pieces are another fabulous way to remain cool and comfortable. These ultra chic options can be worn day or night.  Accessorize with provocative statement pieces and you’ve an outfit that looks like it’s stepped out of the pages of Harper’s.

For a casual weekend look, tees and tanks are the easiest to pair with skirts and pants.  Now, just because it’s hot doesn’t mean I’m promoting that you look like you just rolled out of bed so when you wear tanks and tees, dress them up by layering several gold chains or silver chains (layering is so chic), throw on a cocktail ring, grab your favorite statement handbag and some leather sandals and you’ve a causal, cool yet put together outfit.   After all, we always want to seem as if our fashion perfection is effortless, just like a MOD (Model Off Duty). 



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