Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | September 2, 2009

Tights – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009

Marc Jacobs Fall 2009

God bless the person who invented tights.  They’ve a way of adding a svelte twist to our dressing while also keeping us warm (although that’s rarely if ever needed in L.A).  But like so many other fashion wonders (take leggings and booties for instance) tights can go so wrong, so fast.

So ladies, some tips.  Firstly, do invest in high quality tights.  Cheap ones look, well, cheap.  This doesn’t mean that you need to spend $50 on tights but do take care to notice the quality of the tights and how they look on your legs.

Look for tights that have a good amount of lycra in them so that they hug and support, if you will, your legs.  Unless you’ve legs like Kate Moss, I’d suggest you steer clear of major patterns and light hues, they’ve a tendency to add weight to your legs.  That said, I’ve seen incredibly fashionable women with major curves look rock star in textured tights – Steer toward textures that are vertical versus horizontal, checkered or argyle.  Match your tights to your shoes or boots for a seamless and lengthening effect.  One of the things that I love about tights is that not only do they have a slimming visual effect (if they are the right type of tights) but the ones with control top can work wonders for slinky dresses that need the perfect silhouette or slacks without lining.

Some things to keep you from being a tights fashion disaster –  Wearing tights is not an excuse to wear “Hellloo my bootie’s name is” minis or dresses.  Yesterday I was enjoying my Pho dinner and almost fell out of my chair to watch a girl prance across Main Street, bootie flying around for the entire world to see.  Lucky for her, she had a great bootie, the bad and the ugly for her is that she looked like she’d forgotten to wear her skirt.  As my father used to say “that girl is wearing a belt for a skirt.”  Don’t be that girl. 

I’m just not feeling it with the stirrup tight thing either.  It has a little too much “hootchie” in it for it to be truly fashionable.  There are the few, the bold, the incredibly artistic and young that could carry this.  All’s the rest of ya’ll…beware this fashion trend.

Trendy Tights

Trendy Tights



  1. Ah Ha! Good advice. As ever a fun article Viviana! I would say if you are going to wear a stirrup I hope it is on a horse….otherwise wear boots or ankle boots not high heels to camouflage. If you just got out of dance class and are wearing flats… a stretch.

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