Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | September 24, 2009

Fashionista Guide to Storing a Handbag


Gossip Girl Are Definite Bagistas

Gossip Girls Are Definite Bagistas

Are you a bagista – aka a Fashionista who adores handbags? If you are, then the odds are high that you have many handbags and the odds are even higher that you are storing your handbags by stuffing them into a closet and they probably aren’t even covered with a dustbag. Am I right? Fess up girls.

Okay, so here’s the thing. You just dropped a good amount of money on your handbag – Treat her with respect and maximize your investment in her by storing her appropriately and in an organized fashion so that you use her more often thereby maximizing your cost per wear (aka the number of times you use a fashion object divided by the investment and ongoing care of it). And even if you didn’t drop a bundle on your handbag, if you love it, don’t you want it to last?

So, here are 5 tips on how to store a handbag:

1. Do not shove your handbags willy-nilly into the closet. How would you like it if we shoved you in the closet? I’m just saying…

2. When not in use, stuff your bags with acid-free tissue paper or bubble wrap – It will help maintain the structure of your bag.

3. Arrange your handbags by size and/or function and then by color.

4. Use dustbags! Your girl didn’t come with one? Get ye to the closest discount bedding store and buy a bunch of 100% cotton (they are breathable and leather must breathe) pillow cases. Turn over the top, insert a string, sew shut, voila! You have a drawstring dustbag. Even I can do that and you don’t want to know about my sewing skills! Or check out these at Linea Pelle and Bed Bath and Beyond.

5. When possible, add a tag describing the bag (handbag dog tags so to speak) or a Polaroid photo to the outside of the bag or attach to the drawstring so that you can tell which bag is which; otherwise, you’ll find that you keep using the same bags over and over and forget the others and that’s no bueno.

6. I lied, there’s a bonus tip: If you own patent leather handbags do NOT store them next to one another, especially if they are different colors and unless you want your shiny red patent leather handbag to look like a bad 1980’s tie-die-inspired creation, keep your black patent leather away from it….

7. Okay so another tip – Tupperware or Sterilite type of boxes are great for organizing small clutches, wallets and such. Stack them according to size and color but make sure that the box has slits or some way for the purses to breathe – Leather must breathe.


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