Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | October 27, 2009

The Art of Fashion Mixology

Get this Look with the Art of Fashion Mixology

Get this Look with the Art of Fashion Mixology

It might be odd for us to believe that runway models have the guide to “life styling” but they definitely hold the blueprint to “intelligent dressing”. Now, I know you’re thinking “intelligent dressing?” these girls are dressed by someone else to make them look uber chic.  This may hold true for runway shows but when off duty, they rely on good ‘ol style sense by combining minimalism with a flair for the dramatic.  The beauty index of VOGUE’s September issue (page 432) goes into different money-saving fashion strategies  that models employ to look chic at all times.

This concept, let’s call it the art of mixology, refers not to mixing labels to create an outfit nor is it a reference to mixing separates to make several different unique outfits. That’s another blog altogether!

The art of mixology is the art of mixing inexpensive pieces with your expensive pieces; it’s the art of mixing the chic and shabby. Although these are opposing adjectives, collectively they work to create a regal yet inconspicuous play on stylish dressing.  Mixing your “forever 21” with your “Chanel” doesn’t cheapen your look nor downplay the great quality that pricey wardrobe pieces possess; it heightens your style and chicness darling! 

After all, it’s not as if every woman has the budget of Ivanka Trump so splurging on Ferragamo shoes and Chanel jackets is well…not always viable.  Plus why would a truly creative Fashionista spend a hefty amount on trends that last for a season?  Just say no.  Repeat after me, invest in wardrobe basics, backfill with chic disposable wear and spend wisely, yet minimally on trends.

Baily 44 Boyfriend Jacket

Bailey 44 Boyfriend Jacket

Ladies, don’t be timid about combining your high and your low separates. Be audacious!  Emulate Sharon Stone with her 1996 Oscar outfit mixing The Gap and Valentino- It’s chic baby!  Pair a Bailey 44 blazer with Cookie Johnson boot cut jeans and Forever 21 tee, accessorized with Forever 21 pearls and chain statement necklace. And you too can achieve a Model Off Duty look.

Forever 21 Braided Pearls W/Chains

Forever 21 Braided Pearls W/Chains



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