Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | November 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Blocks of L.A. Fashion

I decide to walk down to Wokano with my husband for some of downtown’s yummiest sushi (ah…but SO not healthy, try the Late Night Party Roll), and little did I suspect that I’d be subjected to an impromptu fashion display from the pages of “that’s gorgeous” and “that’s so NO BUENO”.

Dior Karenina Handbag

Dior Karenina Handbag

Let’s start with the “that’s gorgeous” crowd.  As we passed Bottega Louie a woman in her forties sauntered by with her boy toy.   Really, I’m not usually the type to use this label but if you know me – I call it how see it.  The woman was dressed to the nines utilizing a fabulous blend of Fashion Mixology and mixing sleek red-heeled Louboutin heels with a Club Monaco shift (that I had just purchased a few weeks ago for a StepUp fashion event – LOL).  She topped it off with what appeared to be a Dior Karenina that she swung proudly as she sashayed into the restaurant with her hottie arm candy.  By the hottie arm candy I mean her date.  He was wearing a fabulous sleek suit, super Euro, super tight (hi, you’ve a great body and I see you are proud of it) and topped it all off with a newsboy cap.  Needless to say I stared, then again I may have stared even without the outfits as they were both very attractive.  Still, they were so fashionable that I started bubbling to my husband about how fashion had hit the streets of L.A. and as we rounded the corner….I hit a fashion disaster.  Quite literally.

My unfortunate fashion fender bender was with a girl who was stuffed into a dress.  After extricating myself from the poor girl, who was in a massive hurry to get to her dinner reservation, I had the misfortune of glancing behind me as she flounced away.  I was assaulted with a full on view of her thong underwear (clearly seen through the dress) and a view of her linebacker-size back overflowing from a low square-cut back.

Okay.  Here’s the thing.  I tell my clients this time and time again….Dress for your body and for your age and then there’s just dressing that should never happen.  This fashion disaster was all of these.  You see, this young miss had spectacular legs.  Had she chosen a dress that highlighted her legs and complimented the rest of her body, then I wouldn’t have stopped to rudely stare (no really, it was rude, my husband had to pull me away from taking a photo with my blackberry – NO bueno).  And please…please for the sake of your dignity; look at your bum when you try anything on AND again before you leave the house.  Even if you have the perfect bum there’s no reason to flaunt it at Bottega Louie because there are other more appropriate places to flaunt that particular asset.

And that’s my Tale of Two Blocks of L.A. Fashion.  Wear your fashion with care ladies.


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