Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | December 1, 2009

Holiday Dressing in Three Easy Steps

The goal of this blog is to dispel that twisted feeling of dread in your stomach that you get when you realize that you have a business holiday party to attend after work and then yet another holiday party with your friends after that.  Now why would someone experience dread at the thought of having fun with colleagues and friends over the holidays?  Well, if you live in L.A. there’s no godly way that you’re going to be able to drive home from work to change for a party, drive to your work-related party and then do the same thing over again for the party with your friends.  Actually, this is virtually impossible in any city!

So, I’m here to help dispel that feeling of dread.  In three easy steps I can help you change your outfit from work, to business holiday party, to personal holiday party.

1.  The Work Look:  Wear a shift.  Look for something simple and classic and if you want to make it super easy, black.  Think little black dress with an appropriate hemline for work – This isn’t the time to show off your gams starting at mid-thigh if you know what I mean.  Throw on a chic jacket, sweater or whatever will cover your shoulders that is appropriate for your work environment.  Personally I’m a big fan of the statement fitted jacket in a color that contrasts nicely with the little black dress.  Wear day appropriate makeup – aka put together but not screaming “look at me”.  Depending on your work environment, throw on some layered chains or a subtle pearl necklace.   Complete your look with a statement bag and nicely-turned out heels.


Piazza Sempione Dress

2.  The Work Holiday Party:  Retouch your makeup.  You can get away with a more pronounced look but don’t go for the “I’m hitting the club after this party” look.  Change your jewelry to a statement piece.  Think long Coco Chanel pearls looped around three times.  Personally I’m a huge favorite of these stunners by Claudia Endler Designs – gorgeous modern and contemporary interpretation of the classic. 


Claudia Endler Designs Pearl Necklace

Consider switching out your earrings to a pearl basic blended with a diamond/CZ  touch.  Change your classic pumps for a peep-toe or more edgy deep-v black booties.    
3.  The Personal Holiday Party:  This is your opportunity to throw on more va-va-voom makeup.  Choose one thing to accent though – your eyes or your lips ladies, NOT both.  If your necklace permits, throw on another more blingy necklace.  Layer baby, it’s your opportunity to make a statement.   Consider throwing on a cocktail ring like this baby from Emitations

Emitations Ring

Take off the work jacket and go for a hot, fitted leather jacket that ends at your waist.  Not your look?  Wear a wrap to keep the cold away, you’ll be taking it off at the party anyhow.  Shoes, here’s another shot to go sexy.  Go strappy or go stacked heels – just go with statement. 


Christian Louboutin Ernesta Sandal

All three looks can be prepared the night before, just drop the component into your stylish tote or leather overnighter (I do hope you have one, yes?) and you are ready to rock-n-roll.

Happy Holidays Chicas! Party Safely and With Style!


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