Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | December 22, 2009

Travel – Fashion – Oh My!

Travel seems to bring out the most interesting fashion in people.  Sadly it’s not necessarily the fashion you want to see.  It’s the 2009 Holiday Season and I’ve embarked on yet another trip overseas so I’m going to regale you in the fashion that I get to stare at as I wait for yet another flight.

From L.A. to Denmark (I have so much to share I’m afraid I can only share one leg of the trip):

1.  Waiting in line to check in I just saw a woman walk by in her slippers and carrying her pillow.  Seriously?  Need I say anything about this?  Ok. One thing:  Pig Pen called.  He wants his blanket back.

2.  It’s like 5 a.m. and I just saw a woman walk by with full stage makeup and stripper stage heels – Charo is going to be so upset about her double making her look bad.

3.  Super cute Rihanna look alike wearing hoop earrings the size of what you’d see Kobe drop a basketball into.  I think security is going to stop you because those babies are weapons.

4.  I love this one – Excuse Sir, excuse Ma’am, are you going to the islands? Because your matching khaki shorts, Tommy Bahama shirts and fanny packs have given you away.

5.  The last one which made me stare, and yet again my husband had to come to my rescue to tell me to stop staring.  Mr. “Into the Wild” – Ripped jeans, 10-year old flannel shirt and scruffy beard down to his navel.   Uhm Sir, do you think you are going to be able to check your bear as baggage?  You know they are charging for extra baggage these days, right?  But your rucksack that includes a tent and a sleeping bag may just possibly make the cut.

With the exception of the bear comment, all true stories.  As one of my ex-bosses used to say, “Don’t be THAT guy” or “gal”.

Traveling comfortably does not mean let’s where our nightie in public.  It also doesn’t mean you should break out your cheapest sweats or jeans because they are “comfortable”.  There are comfortable options that don’t make you like you just walked out of the movie “Deliverance”.

And when Mama said dress nice for travel she didn’t mean dress like you would to film a hip hop video.  She meant look clean cut and respectable.  Don’t slow down the rest of us in the security line when TSA pulls you over because your outfit is beeping like you’re a walking time bomb.

Now that I have that out of my system, I’ll go back to huddling around my bottle of Nyquil. Yah, yah I’m breaking one of my travel rules and flying with a chest cold.  NO, I’m not contagious at this point and I’m NOT flying with one of those face masks – yet another travel fashion faux pas.



  1. Travel Update: I saw a guy wearing soccer cleats in Amsterdam as I was going through the security “pat down”. Now THAT’S an airport, they even have a soccer pitch in it (they don’t, btw).
    La Fashionista

  2. I loved your blog because it is so true! I was traveling to Nashville and I saw some very interesting people in the airport. It is like they dress themselves in the dark. People need to understand to look presentable while traveling.

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