Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | February 4, 2010

The Suitable Handbag

Accessories are an essential part to your wardrobe, especially a handbag.  I often use the word “statement” when counseling clients on how to add some umpf to an outfit.  I’m usually referring to either a handbag or jewelry. 

Notting Hill Design Top Handle Handbag

So, why is it that I see women in business suits with the wrong handbag ALL the time?  Could it be that they pick up any bag that matches their suit?  Could it be that they pick up any handbag that’s on the floor as they fly out the door late for a meeting? Or any bag that is large enough to carry them (and everything else they can shove into the bag) through their day? 

Chicas, this is a no bueno way to approach accessorizing with the beloved handbag!    A hobo doesn’t coordinate with a suit.  It’s just bad fashion.  You know the bag that you took to the beach this past weekend?  Leave it for the beach por favor.  The statement you are making is not that I am projecting confidence, professionalism or that I pay attention to detail.  Unfortunately, what you are probably projecting is the same image as your handbag: hello hobo. 

What some women don’t realize, is that handbag “types” are actually designed with a purpose in mind.  For example, the perfect handbag types to compliment your suit would include a satchel, a tote, or a top handle bag.  All three of these  types are fairly classic and their functionality easily transfers from work to play.  The satchel is “a perennial favorite among women of all ages and from all spectrums of style”.  Satchel bags have double handles and sturdy construction with numerous pockets to accommodate a busy schedule.  A tote bag is also double-handled and loosely structured but can scream uber chic depending on styles and colors.  The top handle bag is my favorite.  It brings to mind the structured elegance of 1940’s and 1950’s fashion.   Unashamedly fashion forward, these types of handbags can add “statement” like no other. 

I’ve said this once, I’ll say it again; don’t let me catch you carrying your ratty briefcase, your Consumer Electronics Show-branded computer backpack, or company-issued computer bag.  If you are an executive, or an aspiring executive, and you want to appear buttoned up, don’t ruin your gorgeous business image with one of these.  There are gorgeous well-constructed computer bags, totes and messenger bags that can make your image scream chic and professional.  And it doesn’t have to be a “computer” bag.  Look for good construction, appropriate size, and quality craftmanship in a large tote or top handle bag (double handles usually work best for carrying a computer) that allows for ease of use.

Elliott Lucca Drawstring Tote

As they say, “don’t bring sand to the beach” neither do you bring your weekend soiree to work.  Or your crochet bag to work, unless there’s a “bring your weekend bag to work” day (and that’s NOT Casual Friday by the way).  So, I beg of you, ladies, please DO NOT let me catch with the wrong bag for work, especially dressed in a suit.  Fashion police will be issuing out tickets that day.  Woot-Woot (that’s a police siren).



  1. I love your blog. Your writing style is amazing, & so entertaining. Alas, I met with you today & carried a computer bag – I thought I heard sirens as I was leaving (i.e. fashion police). There is much I could learn from you.

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