Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | June 21, 2010

Summer’s Here – What’s Hot & What’s Not

Summer is upon us!  I know because I’m cranking the AC in my loft.  Speaking of hot – summer fashion trends are getting bolder by the minute. Tis the season to experiment with print dresses and soft linen shorts, from loud neon stripes to minimalistic and chic lines.

But, take extra precautions: wear summer fashion trends with care; they are not to be taken lightly or carelessly. Your “hot” summer outfit may be on Glamour’s “not” list. Want to avoid it? Check out these summer fashion tips:

Time to ditch the black and bring in the white! All ye who know me, know I adore black, but white is my black for summer. If there is one color that most appropriately channels summer for me, it’s white. Pair with patterns or bold designs and you’re good to go! Dress your white jeans with a floral tank, or switch it up with a printed bottom and a white blouse or tee.  Throw on some modern or tribal jewels and you’ll be positively MOD (otherwise known as Model Off Duty).

White is the New Black

Wedges and Flat Sandals
Pumps, sling backs, platforms – be gone! Instead of fearfully walking down to the shore in sky-high stilettos, trade’em in for wedges! Cork and espadrille wedges are summer favorites – perfect for summer dresses, pants, and shorts and essential to pair with your fashionable beachwear. If you tend to tip over in wedges, go for super chic, simple flat sandals like these from J. Crew.  Speaking of J. Crew, the looks are fantastically fresh and fabulous – how could they not be with Jenna Lyons at the helm.

Sandals and Wedges Galore!

Rear Ends and Intense Cleavage
Cleavage when utilized strategically is oh so powerful.  However, cleavage of the rear variety – not so much. People tend to wear less during the summer because of the heat, but that’s no excuse to expose your bum to the public. This can be a challenge when shopping for summer shorts. To get an idea of how your shorts fit, place your hands near your legs. If the hemline is above your thumb, it may be too short. Unless you’re like 6 years old that is.  Cleavage – like your rear end, no one wants to see the “ladies”. Well maybe some people do, but I don’t think that’s the Personal Brand that you are going for.  If the neckline stops perfectly above your chest, leave it at that! Channel the chic looks from Mad Men rather than Pamela Anderson.


Sunburns are a big NO-NO!

Summer and sun go hand-in-hand BUT, sunburns are so, well, 1980.  Nothing ruins a gorgeous summer dress like blotchy red skin.  And I’m not even going there on the long-term damage. Can you say sun spots, wrinkles, melanoma, OH my!  No bueno chicas. You know better than that. SPF doesn’t have to be boring! Get creative with your SPF – There are sooo many options from self-tanning lotions to SPF tinted lip balms and tinted SPF moisturizers.


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