Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | June 30, 2010

Fashion Crimes

We’ve all been there, we NEED a fashion fix. And sometimes we fulfill it by going on a shopping spree. But before you whip out your wallet and spend your hard-earned cash do you know where your fashion is coming from?

For years, unauthorized vendors, stores and websites have made money off counterfeit items – from apparel to handbags, from sunglasses to technology. In turn, consumers have been purchasing the items in hopes of looking chic with their new fashion fake.

Now, nothing wrong with being creative with your fashion budget, problem is, do you know what that counterfeit fashion supports? How about child labor, human trafficking, and even terrorism? [Click Here to View the Video – The Effects of Fakes]

So beware my fellow fashionistas! Did you know that in France you could face jail time and a fine if you’re spotted with a fake? Oh-la-la!

Here are some tips to educate yourself on how to spot a fake before you are tempted to buy that $25 “Louis Vuitton” bag from an alley [Courtesy of Harper Bazaar’s Fakes are Never in Fashion Campaign]:

Location is everything – Where did you buy your luxury purse for instance? On EBay? Some vendors are very reliable on EBay but know that you are taking a risk. If you really want luxury, buy it at a reputable boutique or online such as If you purchased it from an alley, sorry it’s a fake! Of course you knew that already, no?

From the tissue paper to the product information cards, everything inside that shopping bag is handled with the utmost of care by luxury retailers. One way to spot a fake from miles away – if the handles on the handbag are wrapped in plastic, it is most likely to be fake!

Logos and Labels
Many designers place their logo or label everywhere (the zipper, hardware, buttons, buckles, snaps, etc) on the product. Check the label for spelling mistakes, country of origin, etc.

Take a look at the stitching, the inside lining, and the handles. Everything on the item must be flawless! An authentic Louis Vuitton bag is created with one large piece of leather; but, the knock-offs are made up of pieces of leather sewn together.

So, ladies, be on the lookout for any imitations roaming the streets! Taking small steps at a time, you can save the world by refusing to purchase fake designer labels!



  1. I am SO GLAD you covered this. People absolutely do not realize the implications of buying “fake” things. Thanks for the read! And ladies, save up for the real deal. It will always be worth it!
    Thanks 🙂

  2. thanks for spotting the fakes! There are soooooo many out there

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