Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | July 15, 2010

Summer Travel in Style

Did you know Americans were voted as “Worst Dressed Tourists?” Apparently our international neighbors are tired of our obnoxious t-shirts, white sneakers, and fanny packs. Honestly, I’m afraid I’m there with them! It may be a vacation but you can still look chic and be comfortable/functional while traveling.

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As Glamour’s contributor Tracey Lomrantz would say: “It may help to think of travel the same way you think of a dinner party–look nice, be on your best behavior, try everything, even if you wouldn’t necessarily eat it at home, play by the host’s rules, and above all, enjoy yourself!” Don’t forget, you never know who you can run into while traveling! Hello Personal Branding!

With summer upon us and all of your fabulous travel ahead of you, how do you keep your wardrobe chic yet stick to only carry-on luggage? It’s not easy, trust me; but, it’s better than dragging more bags than you can carry and looking like a tacky tourist in a Hawaiian print shirt.

Here’s how you can pack a chic wardrobe that is versatile for any season and it can fit into one carry-on bag! Just to let you know, it doesn’t hurt to do laundry during vacation! You will be wearing some pieces more than once, so keep it fresh peoples!

Dress by Theory, T-Shirt by T by Alexander Wang, Jeans by Banana Republic, Straight Leg Pants by Stella McCartney, Pumps & Flats by Christian Louboutin, Bag by Lanvin, Gold Pearl Necklace, Sunglasses by Ray-Ban

• A couple of dark jeans (NO! not the torn ones).
• Comfortable black heels and flats (because black goes with anything and everything).
• Neutral-colored cocktail dress, which you can dress it up with flats or heels and jewelry.
• Light-weight sweaters for chilly summer evenings.
• Tops that you can easily layer.
• A pair of black dress pants or skirt (or tailored shorts during the summer).
• Statement accessories such as one large handbag, one clutch, sunglasses, jewelry, etc. Think of the variety that packs easily. For example, not heavy or prone to breakage or damage when rolled into a carryon.

If you are expecting to shop during your trip and to come back with more than what you arrived with, ship it ahead of time! It will save you time and energy to haul luggage around the crowded airport. And after all, you have to pay to check-in these days with most airlines…

Go with the KISS principle when traveling this summer but add “chic” to it. Show the world, oh dear Fashionistas, that American travelers have it going on!


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