Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | October 28, 2010

Do’s and Dont’s of Online Personal Branding

There are many opportunities online to help build your personal brand. Whether you created your own Facebook page or started your own blog, you can establish your image in many ways online. BUT, proceed with caution: one mistake can greatly affect your image, your reputation, and even your career.

Delete inappropriate pictures and watch the language, ladies!

The Golden Rule of Social Media
There is such thing as promoting yourself too much. Social media is about engaging an online audience, not much different than engaging another person at a cocktail party. And there’s nothing more dull than the person who just goes on-and-on about themselves. Stick to the golden rule of social media – 80% interesting content mixing in with engaging content that may have to do with your or your services.

Be specific.
Expand your audience or clientele by standing out. For instance, highlight your specific expertise. If you are a marketing executive, tell the world what you do. Are you in B2B marketing? Direct-to-consumer marketing? What’s your expertise in online visual identity? Stay consistent! Do not frequently upload a new photo on your profile especially if you are attempting to establish a personal, professional image. Find a nice picture of yourself and use it! In the end, people will follow your digital tracks and will easily find you.

Be authentic.
No one likes a fake and by the way, when you are one, people can smell it on you. So be you! Be genuine about your passions, your expertise and that will resonate with people. Those we are not genuine do not engender trust.

Be an expert in something.
Find your niche of subject matter expertise and stick to it.

But the online written word lives forever. Remember that once you post something online, it is there forever! Generally speaking, you can’t take back what you’ve posted online. Make sure that you represent your brand appropriately online.

Professionalistas, extend and build your personal brands – start a blog, tweet, clean up your Facebook and Twitter profiles!


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