Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | November 11, 2010

The Art of Wearing A Dress

The art of wearing a dress shouldn’t be taken as literal as some of Lady Gaga’s (in)famous dress wearing antics, e.g. her meat and hair fiascos. Oh my! I am all for artistic expression but I hope Gaga isn’t the reason I have been seeing too many women not wearing dresses. The dress my dear ladies, is an all-year-around staple in your wardrobe. While there have been many revolutions urging women not to conform to male dominated ideals of the 50s housewife, I believe dresses make any woman look timeless. Watch Mad Men, need I say more when you look at Christina Hendricks? I say, save wearing the pants when it comes to deciding your wardrobe, and choose a dress for these reasons:

Try DKNY's Jersey Bodice Dress or Theory's Betty Sheath Dress for a feminine yet work-appropriate look.

Femininity: Honestly, it’s hard not to look feminine in a dress. If you are worried that your male co-workers will eye you the way you don’t want to be eyed, that’s just a matter of choosing the most appropriate dress for your body and work environment. Embrace your femininity like your dress embraces your womanly curves. You are a woman after all and hiding that takes your power away.

Convenience: Think back to how many times have you hit the “snooze” button one too many times, just to realize you’re late! Remember how you frantically scurried to your closet (or worse yet, your laundry hamper) in a futile attempt to come up with a half decent outfit? Imagine how effortless your look would have been if you had picked that chic dress that only seems to be dressing your coat hanger these days. Eureka! When you wear a dress you never have to spend time coordinating what color, pattern or article of clothing goes with what. All you have to do is slip it on! Plus, you won’t have to think up ingenious schemes to get your girlfriends to notice your new pair of Jimmy Choo shoes.

Creativity: A smorgasbord of accessories can dress you up or down! Accessories can transform your dress from a work/daytime look to a more seductive nighttime look. Wear sexy Bally’s snakeskin booties and a sharp cardigan during the day and in the evening throw on some bangles, layered chains and/or hoops to take it into an evening look. Voila!


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