Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | November 23, 2010

Love My Heels-Hate My Heels

Rumored to have been invented by Leonardo da Vinci, modern heels are considered to be masterpieces by scores of women; that’s why wearing them is as much an art as a science! Women in heels become chefs-d’œuvre themselves, reminiscent of curvaceous Grecian statues, since they straighten our posture, bring our chests forward and suck in our waistlines. Plus, heels make us look like ethereal Amazons with the strongest calves ever. Above all, we fall head over heels for them because they ooze confidence. Yet, heels can also ooze blisters, calluses, corns, and hammertoes…oh my (statue cracking about now…NO bueno)! Even more detrimental are the knee joint and spinal issues incurred. Pulling from the American Podiatric Medical Association, 73% of women already have a shoe-related foot issue. Love/hate ’em heels are here to stay, what’s a girl to do?

Christian Louboutin's F/W 2010 Alice in Wonderland campaign- if that's what's down the rabbit hole then TAKE ME!!!

-Buy heels that best fit your foot. If your foot slides in your heel, toes crunch, heels slip then it’s probably not a fit.
-Try silicone metatarsal pads. They will give you great cushioning and shock absorption.
-Wear a thicker heel for increased stability and balance.
– Wear stacked heels – aka heels with a platform- to provide more shock absorbing balance to the ball of your foot.
-Alternate heel heights to give your feet a break. Doing this will ease your Achilles tendon too. Or better yet, alternate between heels and flats. Real women can’t/shouldn’t look like supermodels everyday!
-When buying heels, note the slope of the heel. A gradual slope, versus a straight one, is better for the arch and can relieve some ball of the foot pain.
-Be season conscious. Take advantage of the changing seasons to change up your footwear. For instance, stock up on chi-chi boots during winter.
-Invest in backups. For instance, Oprah featured the Footzy Rolls’ Roll-Up Shoe. This kit holds ballet flats that roll up in a fist-size bag. An affordable alternative: foldable Dr. Scholl’s for Her Fast Flats.
-Take care of your calves. As we age (oh God) our bodies need more TLC. So before and after wearing heels, STRETCH your calves. Especially those of us over 30…lesson learned the hard way after tearing my calf on my honeymoon…Stretching is good, repeat after me, stretching is GOOD. There you go.

Rupert Sanderson, Dior, Jimmy to literally die for (in?)!

Don’t let heels be your Achilles’ heel! With your goddess within intact, not even Aphrodite can bring male worshipers to their knees (best angle to admire whatever your footwear) the way you can.



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