Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | December 2, 2010

Box Shopping-Guilty Pleasure or Convenience

Speaking of digital luxury there’s another trend that chic ladies around the country are flocking to cardboard luxury, if you will. And I’m not talking about hobo haute couture either. Professional women, I mean the in-the-know and the power brokers are joining in on the latest fashion fad-box shopping! You know how we women are; when we’re loyal we’d give a Golden Retriever a run for its money on the “you are my only” track. So these fashion loyalists are having pieces pulled from their favorite fashion boutiques from all over the country, having them shipped FedEx to wherever they are, and shopping in a box. I know, at first it sounded so pedestrian to me, but with the right branding, look/feel and customer service, it takes luxury to another level of indulgence and convenience. “DAHlin, I’m off to Gstaad, can you ship me a couple of ski outfits, some winter-chic lingerie and some furry boots? Thanks DAHlin.”

Great way to get you out of

Since boutiques are known for their intimacy and personal attention, box shopping shouldn’t come as a surprise. If a shopper frequents a boutique long enough, the staff inevitably learns everything from their size, style, likes,body type and which boyfriend or husband to send the bill to – well that is if they’ve an open significant-other expense account.Yet, this rapport shouldn’t end just because the shopper is busy jet-setting or on a business trip. Instead of losing their clientele, some boutiques accommodate their busy clients by shipping boxes of clothes and accessories to their best customers. Under the guidance of the boutique staff, clients get a high-end personal shopper, and personal stylist all boxed in one (ahhmazing!).

One of my all time fave boutiques when I lived in Denver; they really are this great!

As the payroll gap between men and women thins, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that women are just too busy to shop. Maybe the increasing divorce and consequent single motherhood rates play into this too. Add to it all that even if you are married, who has the time to shop between, high-powered job, husband, kids, staying in shape, managing your money, looking chic and taking time for yourself? Oh my God, I just gave myself a stress attack! AND to top it off, isn’t the idea of coordinating your existing wardrobe with the new appealing to the masses? What I wouldn’t give to see how a Fall/Winter 2011 Louboutin Madame Butterfly Booty would look with a vintage Chanel coat (excuse me as I finish drooling over this dream combo)! And I digress.

So – I ask myself – is it impersonal digital luxury vs. customized cardboard luxury? OR for the uber rich, both? Perhaps, our highly digitalized Waste Land of a world is striving to return to more of our humanity? I leave you, my fashionistas, to contemplate the state of our world; I am too preoccupied remedying all the fashion faux pas I see. I just know that whatever direction we take, we still need to look fierce. And if box shopping expedites my mission, then deliver it my way-express!


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