Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | December 13, 2010

Dressing for the Holidays 2010

Ah, the holidays are here! And while I love them all, one just hits you after the other (along with their respective shindigs). At this pace, don’t be surprised if you ask yourself, “Whatever will I wear?” No worries, with these tips you will go from work, to holiday office party to fun with friends in a flash. If Santa can do ALL that in one night, this will be a cinch. Fashionista honor!


Anything that can cover you up! Vests, scarves and cardigans are great ways of saving your goodies for later. Not sure if it’s the South American in me, but I’m a big fan of scarves. They just add that little extra chic. And with the exception of some body shapes, almost everyone can carry them off with pizzazz. Plus, they dress up biz-casual very nicely. GAP has some holiday appropriate sequin and faux fur vests that will put you in the holiday mood. If vests aren’t your thing, then you might like GAP’s cable cardigan. Minimal jewelry and accessories too. No need for exaggerated heels either. If your job permits, wear flats. Yes, love or hate them heels are here to stay, but your poor feet need a break too. If you insist, wear kitten heels.

Holiday Office Party:

Take some risks and drop the cover-ups. You must be sick of me saying this but you just can’t go wrong with the perfect little black dress – add a pair of snazzy heels or booties and you are one chic professionalista. If you have bling, time to show it off. While I am not the biggest chocolate fan, I’d make an exception for Le Vian’s chocolate diamonds.

I can't say I'd mind being covered in these chocolate diamonds...YUM

And if bling isn’t in your price range or taste, consider new and cost-conscious lines like Modeux by Claudia Endler. Her silver round bead on chain necklace is so classy yet professional!

Look twice à la mode with MODEUX by Claudia Endler

Top the look off with a great clutch, like the gorgeous ones from Adriana Castro, and be prepared to be the envy of your office.

While these lovely ladies have gone through their public splits (both related to texts too...GASP), Kim and Eva seem pretty committed to Adriana Castro

Personal Holiday Appropriate:

Time to vamp it up! Slip into some funky tights. DKNY has some fun and youthful tights that are sure to bring out your inner Gossip Girl; while floral tights might be 2009, DKNY is as timeless as they come, in my book. Lace inspired heels (see Dolce & Gabbana’s gorgeous satin mary jane) or a sexy peep to shoe, check out Lanvin’s ‘Puzzle’ wedge for instance and you are on your way to a sexy holiday season.

It shouldn't be too hard to figure out that these 'Puzzle' wedges can be the final piece to complete your look

Add some sex appeal with black leather, elbow-length Ports 1961 or red Givenchy gloves. If gloves are too dramatic for your taste, consider layering chunky bracelets and/or cuffs.

From Cartier to Claudia Endler...I love layering thick and chunky, chunky cuffs and bracelets

And if you are digging on the vests this season, throw on a statement worthy vest, like this one from Line, a sexy sequined tank, dark tights, short skirts, booties and hello holiday party!

Use these Chanel looks for inspiration...not imitation!



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