Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | December 30, 2010

Say Goodbye to these 2010 Fashions Duds- Hello, 2011 Studs

2011 will be the year to decide if you are in or out of fashion (ha, I sound like Iman from The Fashion Show)!

Cotton shirts with stripes. From thick to skinny, horizontal to vertical, nautical inspired stripes are hot. Along this shirt theme, the androgynous look is totally in. One needs to solely look at Viktor and Rolf’s shows to see this; boy really does meet girl in 2011. One of my fave designers, Anne Fontaine, has captured the essence of androgyny with touches of femininity very nicely in 2011.

Anne Fontaine makes androgyny look partly Parisian design and partly Parisian's hard to go wrong

Mind you, if you’ve a shape like mine, androgynous usually only happens if I’m wearing a trash bag (or Anne Fontaine), so as with all trends, wear with care and remember that not all fashion trends were created for all women.  Remember when leggings first came back?  If I saw one more girl looking like Batman stuffed into a pair of leggings…Beware.  A sure fire chic way to accomplish the androgynous look-long trousers, like the ones from the Chloe Collection. DKNY also has some fabulous trousers that are so comfortable you can  work for hours without ever thinking you’re in business attire.  While military is still hot, I think some bad-ass biker babe looks are going to be refreshing. If that’s too tough for your taste, consider the sheer maxi dress. Yes, the maxis that were great during summer stay. While this dress might be hard to pull off (c’mon, you’d probably need to do squats for a year, or two), there are some more forgiving ones, i.e. sheer with more coverage. If you want a  feminine touch, colors are back-tangerine, turquoise coral and fuchsia. Marc Jacobs really brought this vibrant colors to life with his Asian luxury inspired looks (another great trend for 2011). But if you have to stay neutral, consider white; you can still look à la mode (in white especially) with touches of neon, like Burberry Prorsum‘s looks. The midi and the 1950s/60s fashions stay too. With the comeback of cat-eye sunglasses need I say more. Actually, I do.  If you are looking for gorgeous frames at outrageous price, get ye to Kate Spade.  Yep, Kate makes glasses, woot, woot! Other skirt alternatives are real long or ankle length skirts. I’m going on the record now that this reminds me of the 1980’s Molly Ringwald in The Breakfast Club and frankly long skirts are just not that flattering to most anyone. Now, 1970s glamour, like Salvatore Ferragamo’s collections, I’m digging on.

With Fendi and Ferragamo...strut your stuff like you're the star of "Saturday Night Fever"

These great skirts will look great coupled with kitten heels; this way you can still look purrfect without roaring pain.  From kittens to Vuitton’s zebra, animals are taking over. Don’t forget the leopard either!

Marc Jacobs knows how to bring out your inner animal

All the mini’s from minimalism to the miniskirt; this year is about extravaganza. The military trend goes on a covert mission. 2011 will be no longer be the year of the hoochie-mama. While some might say that lingerie as outerwear is in, I disagree. Except for lace, I say reverting back to Mad Men classy is a good thing! Ladies, take advantage of the midi, long skirts, colors, classic glamour and pure white, and save your goodies in 2011. Velvet is gone.  Sheer clothing (with the exception of the maxi) is no more. And while black will never be out, it’s going on a mini-vacay in 2011!



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