Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | January 19, 2011

How to Dress for Travel and the Airport Strip Routine

Wow, the holidays are finally over!  Happy New Year everyone!  So with the holidays there’s always holiday travel and whether you went to your mother’s house or Australia for a quick getaway, you must avoid the increasing fashion faux pas that I see during travel. You are so tired, run-down, listless, etc., that the least of your worries is how you look. Plus, the economy section in most aircrafts is so uncomfortable and often chilly. I once saw a woman bundled up in a Snuggie and I was almost jealous (then I realized I wouldn’t be caught dead doing that in public). Ladies, save the Snuggie for lounging around (and never let your S.O. see you in this get-up, por favor).  While you don’t necessarily need to look like a model on a runway while (yes, this is also a fashion faux pas as is looking like a Hootchie on the weekend LA-Vegas commuter flight), why not channel your inner M.O.D.?

M.O.D. necessities!

Ladies, I understand that those latest security screenings can leave many of us feeling less glamorous, but safety first. I’m Colombian so suffice it to say that I’m accustomed to stringent security standards.  And I do remember a particular funny brisking at Miami International when a TSA officer literally had to feel the underwire to my bra which set off the metal detector while an entire Brazilian family laughed their backsides off,  pointing and saying “it’s her brassiere!”  Yes, I know it’s my bra, I’m the one being felt up, thank you very much.  Despite this amusing story, a true fashionista looks like one 24/7 on a bird or on a plane or being groped by a TSA agent!

Layer to your heart’s content!   Sure, it might seem like a drag to have to take them off at the security checkpoint, but I have a trick for that.  Put all the layers you can do without in your bag or carry-on before heading to security.   After the point where you are literally being undressed by some screening device, put all your layers back on.

It’s definitely an upgrade from the sweats and sweatshirt combo. Designers like Gucci have casual chic and form-fitting styles.   And just as a favor to me, can we please avoid the (usually pink) Victoria’s Secret suit?! And the Juicy Couture velour outfits.

Tracksuit Hall of Shame...maybe tweens can get away with this!

Yeah, some may have liked them almost a decade ago but times have changed.  We can all do without “SEXY” splattered across someone’s derriere.  Unless you want to be labeled a Cougar that needs some attention that is, then fair game.

Fashionistas covet and leverage accessories like Spencer and Heidi crave a real life.  Airports and airplanes are not fashion-free-anything-goes zones.  So while your outfit needs to be comfortable it can also be chic and you can accomplish this with accessories.  After all they add that certain polish, and it’s a step (if not a jump) ahead of all of your Snuggied-sweatpant-wearing sisters.


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