Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | February 10, 2011

How To Dress For Valentine’s Day

Hate it or love it, but don’t ignore it.  I’m equally as horrified as the average gal to realize that it’s become an annoying Hallmark holiday unless you decide to do something about it.  So whether you stay home, do it in style – buy yourself a bottle of Veuve, fill the bubble bath, grab all those copies of VOGUE that you never get to and shut the world out. Or if you’re single, go out in style with the girls.  If you’ve a special someone, spice it up for them and style yourself Valentine sexy! I say ditch the cutesy and soft pinks this year and go vampy with red (or if  you’re wanting to channel Samantha from SATC, at least a HOT pink). My tips on how to style yourself a la personal stylist for Valentine’s Day follow.

Revamp in Red
Remember, color is power. No, I’m not saying this because of the woman in the red dress in the Matrix. Although,  they are on to something. Scientists have hypothesized that red acts as an aphrodisiac created by mother nature herself (think way back in the day when we were more ape-like and our bottoms swelled with estrogen and got super red to alert the males that it was time) and culture (red hearts, roses and cards). Apparently, women are subconsciously equally attracted to it; who knew? You could be getting into hot water here ladies, but tell your men, brothers and friends to wear red too. On a more practical and conscious note, this way you don’t have to go home and re-apply x, y, and z. Red nail polish a la Diana Vreeland is a must.

Learn from this grand dame, but do not imitate, ladies

During the day it’s a chic, classy and posh way to spice up your outfit. At night, it’s cosmopolitan and sexy.   Red lips, why not? During the day try a more muted color and then gloss it up at night with a more luxurious and deeper shade.   I especially love red lips during the winter, there’s no easier way to dress up your look.

From the classics to today, red lips will give you that va-va-voom quality

Messy Hair
And now for the hair! Think very soft (waves even). A subtle and loose bun during the day, that can easily come undone later. For some reason, I have a vision of some type of hairstyle, whether up or down, that involves pins. They keep you polished at daytime, but can make you look unkempt later. You’ll get instantaneous bed hair! Channel Brigitte Bardot and Sophia Loren – that’ll bring the boys running.

Mysterious Maxi
And while I still don’t advocate wearing lingerie during waking hours (it’s so 2010), why not try a sexy sheer maxi dress? I know this might not apply to my fashionistas who actually experience winter, but my SoCal ladies can probably get away with one; you get winter, we get earthquakes – it’s fair! Sheer maxi dresses are the perfect tease during the day. It’ll have him wondering what you’re hiding.

Flirty Footwear
Ladies, probably the easiest way to change your V-Day look and mood – change your footwear. During the day, don’t be afraid to be a little cutesy and comfy. And if you still need some sweetness, try on some flirty heels from Milk & Honey, or get into an even more romantic mood with Badgley Mischka’s “Lanah” sandal. But nothing says sexy like a little red heel!

I give you permission to unleash your inner red-heeled vixen for V-Day!


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