Posted by: Viviana M. Rueda Image | March 17, 2011

Green with Envy – How To Use Color To Your Benefit

Ladies, you know that I’m still as loyal to black as the best of the Golden Retrievers. But, it’s St. Patty’s Day and you don’t have to Irish to enjoy it. For instance, as a Colombian, I like to pay homage to my Irish friends by drinking aquardiente; my background is very international.

So what’s up with the all of the green on this day? Apparently, when this tradition began, blue was the pervasive color of choice. I really can’t picture this one, though. But then the Irish got to thinking, “Oh, our flag is partially green,” the whole “Emerald Isle” name conjured about green lushness and they began to appreciate the green-ness of nature around them, e.g. the green shamrock.  Also, I think some of my fiery redhead gals realized that green is their color. Christina Hendricks, I know, I know, I love her, but have you seen this femme fatale in green?

Christina Hendricks looks shamrock shazam!

As you can see from our Irish brothers and sisters, we imbue colors with meaning. Since I am inspired by green for obvious reasons, let’s explore this color of the Irish.  Apart from being Mother Nature’s favorite color, green is also said to have great healing properties. That’s why before a nerve-wrecking TV interview, there are greenrooms. It’s a very safe and comforting color. My marketing background has even taught me that pharmaceutical companies splatter their drugs with it because consumers buy into the safe and natural connotations of the color.

But you don’t need years in marketing to appreciate the color in fashion. Green with envy… forget about it! During this last Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week,  green Diane von Furstenberg, Venexiana, Nicholas K., and Christian Siriano designs showed us the versatility of the color, all the while being to die for!

I'm green with envy! Give me all of it!

On this seemingly national holiday (since the first St. Patrick’s Day parade was in the US), even if the whole Irish patriotism isn’t your thing, wear the color with pride. Although, I will never advise you to wear all green or shamrock tees, that would not be bueno. I’m thinking green accents with gold – go green!

That's me in the background! Ok...not really, but that's the face that I put when I see that


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