Wardrobe Audits For Women and Men – A Complete wardrobe review includes a spreadsheet of your wardrobe with recommendations; Do’s and Don’ts for wardrobe management; instructions on how to manage your closet; a “Must Haves” list; and a projected budget.  Wardrobe Audits will get your wardrobe in shape by eliminating items that are not a fit for you or your lifestyle, updating what does work and revamping what you thought couldn’t work.  Audits are tailored to work for anyone with a wardrobe, not just the well-to-do.  Long- and short-term wardrobe budgets are set according to need and lifestyle.  Wardrobe Audits can even be applied for tweens and teenagers teaching them the fundamentals of wardrobe care and value.  Audits tailored for this age group provide insight for young people on how to develop their personal brand, and how dressing appropriately can work for them.

Personalized Shopping– Based on an individual’s lifestyle, need, and budget a personalized shopping plan is developed which accommodates almost anyone, from the CEO to the recently-graduated student.  The end goal of personalized shopping is to educate our clients on how to buy clothing that works for their body type and lifestyle rather than to shop for expensive trends that will quickly pass.  This includes teaching our clients how to shop for long-term value, how to take care of their wardrobe so that it lasts, and how to maximize shopping promotions

Personal Branding – Melding consummate style with over 19 years of marketing savvy to help you fine-tune your brand.  Whether you are an up-and-coming executive who needs to add executive polish; a recording artist who needs to develop an image to sell records; a law firm partner who is expected to bring in new business; or a sole proprietor who just launched a business, your personal brand is a walking advertisement.  Our Personal Branding consulting services will make sure that you are consistently sending the messages and branding that you want the world to see and hear.  Services include personal styling, print and online visual identity, blogging and social media.

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