“Viviana did a wonderful wardrobe audit with me, and was professional, direct and insightful. In a single day, she had a great and immeasurable impact on my life.” – M. Crames.

“I was blown away by her ability to listen to my needs and provide me with options that fit both in my budget and my lifestyle.” – S. Compton. 

“Viviana takes into account what you have in your closet, what you need to extend your wardrobe and makes it all work. She even makes the whole process of shopping, putting ‘the looks’ together and organizing your closet stress free.”  – W. McCulley.

“She is professional and results-oriented but also smart and fun so the time spent together is a pleasure. I hate shopping and I particularly hate shopping for clothes, so you can take this as a very strong recomendation.”  – C. Barker.

“I loved how Viviana was able to assess quickly what I liked, what I was looking for and what, with my body type, would be best to get me what I wanted. Working in the professional world, she tailored her suggestions to accomodate work by day, but with a little change or an add of one piece, I’d have an outfit for the evening.” – L. Bertazzon.

“Viviana is able to pinpoint your personality and bring out that uniqueness through a style palette custom tailored to your needs based on lifestyle, personality and image that always feels comfortable, stylish, modern—and always appropriate. Her empathy for the working professional makes you feel like you’re getting trusted advice from a friend and the results speak for themselves.”  – K. Tran.

“Viviana has worked with me over many years and has a great sense for blending creative, fun, and classic pieces into my wardrobe. Her international experience offers an added dimension to her fashion expertise which I absolutely appreciate. I have received so many compliments for the outfits/ pieces she has recommended!!”  – C. Grier.

“Viviana reworked my closet, gave me some great tips on what key pieces to look for and empowered me to mix it up a bit and experiment more with my style. She doesn’t believe that more is more or that expensive is more. She’s focused on classic pieces that will serve you well over time.”  – T. Gilad.

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